The purpose of this wiki in NOT just to catalog every single superhero and artifact ever, The goal of this wiki is for Fantasy Super Leagues.

To WIN in a Fantasy Super League... you MIGHT be tempted to put freaking powerful characters into your roster, such as Groot (before he kinda died)... but that's not gonna always be the best strategy. Lets assume he is at his best again... still not gonna be the best idea because UNLESS they start an ongoing comic, cartoon, and/or sequels involving him... he's not gonna be seen much. So he'll have close to no wins or losses to account for.

Picking ...say... a superhero/villain that wins a LOT (even if he/she only barely wins... AND even if it's against minor foes) is smarter than picking a monstrous hero that attacks monstrous other players and has significant injuries and losses.

This is where strategy comes in.


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