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This Wiki is for entries on Metahumans, Parahumans, Capes, Superheroes, Superheroes etc. It is particular for those who are in comics books and movies that don't normally get entries on Superhero wikis... including those from Red Hornet, Mantis, Watchmen, Worm, Indie comics, and even SOME Marvel and DC characters, particularly the ones from movies and live-action shows because sometimes details on Marvel and DC characters differ slightly than they do in the comics.

This Wiki isn't just here to be yet another listing of Heroes and Villains. It is here for gaming... be it

  • LARPing
  • Superhero-themed D&D Game
  • Fantasy Heroics

Similar to Fantasy Football, but you create your ultimate team of heroes, villains...or even a mix of the two, after all--heroes and villains often team up to defeat a common enemy.

These reasons are why we try and keep a definitive list of wins and losses for each character. Not just if they won or lost, but also if they got a significant blow to the opponent(s), if they were injured in battle or in ANY other way that would effect their stats, etc. Their costume, whether there is anything special about it (bullet resistant, made of special fiber, compartments, etc) is important as well as listing any powers they have, whether *known* or suspected extra powers, and what weapons and gadgets they use. Pictures of the characters, outfits and weapons help.

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