Lady Lightbug
Lady Lightbug
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Vital Statistics
Alias(es) Lady Lightbug
Category Supervillain
Location Metroville (Assumed)
Identity Probably None
Alter Ego Probably None
Status Trapped
First Appearance Mr. Incredible and Pals
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Superhero Activity
Faction Unknown
Affiliates Unknown
Foes Mr. Incredible And other Supers
Actions Steals bridges to stop commute
Physical Description
Gender Female
Species Insect (Firefly?)
Costume Purple Vest
Colors Blue, Purple
Symbol None Known
Equipment None Known
Abilities Can shoot (and tie up with) radioactive silk.
Track Record
Battle Wins 0
Battle Losses 1
Battle Ties / No Clear Winner 0
Score 0


  • Can shoot (and tie up with) radioactive silk from her abdomen.
  • Flies

Suspected SuperpowersEdit

Lady Lightbug MAY also have telekinetic powers, or super strength. She moved entire bridges.

Track RecordEdit


Steals the world's bridges to create massive traffic jams so that people will be unable to commute to work.


In a commentary recorded by the real Frozone and Mr. Incredible, it was noted that Lady Lightbug was a villain made up for the cartoon and does not really exist in The Incredibles. She was also depicted as a communist for propaganda purposes.

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