One of the only shots of Doomball in "No Heroics" sorry about the french subtitles, the episode was hardcoded with french subtitles.
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Vital Statistics
Alias(es) Doomball
Category Supervillain
Location Unknown
Identity Unknown
Alter Ego Unknown
Status Probably Active
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Superhero Activity
Faction Unknown
Affiliates Unknown
Foes She-Force, clearly
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Physical Description
Gender Male
Species Human
Costume All black, black dome helmet with a long slit for seeing
Colors Black
Symbol Unknown
Equipment Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Track Record
Battle Wins 0
Battle Losses 1
Battle Ties / No Clear Winner 0
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One of few villains shown in No Heroics. Powers are completely unknown, if any, but it seems he was easily kept in a throat lock by She-Force while she was on the phone!!


He was wearing a black suit with white undershirt like a business suit, including a black dome helmet with a long slit for seeing

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