Corn Cob Man
Unnamed Corn Villain
Performed by Roger Jackson
Blue bar
Vital Statistics
Alias(es) Unknown
Category Supervillain
Location Metroville (Assumed)
Identity Unknown
Alter Ego Unknown
Status Unknown
First Appearance Mr. Incredible and Pals
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Superhero Activity
Faction Unknown
Affiliates Unknown
Foes Mr. Incredible
Actions Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Species {{{Species}}}
Costume Giant Corn Cob
Colors Yellow, Green
Symbol N/A
Equipment Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Track Record
Battle Wins 0
Battle Losses 0
Battle Ties / No Clear Winner 0
Score 0

The episode featuring this supervillain was never made, and was probably never intended to be made. He was shown at the end of Mr. Incredible and Pals as a joke mentioning "Next Week..."



Track RecordEdit

Unknown, episode was never made.


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